Mechanical Ias Optional

Mech Engg

I have already written much about nature of mechanical engineering as an optional, book list etc. (On Mech for CSE) At risk of repeating myself, I want to present here, how I went about building up my material for the subject.
It was an evolution. Step1 was as soon as I came to Delhi. I bought a booklet with all previous year questions(20 years) on Mech. Then, I thought of mapping them out. So, I made MS-Word pages with yearwise Q numbers 1-8. Then in each box, I would write down topic name of that question. Then I color coded, to see if there is a pattern. Then, I realized this is turning out to be a kindergarten exercise.(took 10 days) But, it helped me in getting a picture and moving to next stage.
Step2, I started writing down questions on A4 sheets, 1 page 1 question, using ref no. like 2008A1b20 that would mean year 2008 Section A Qno. 1(b) of  20 marks. Further I started grouping these questions into major topic folders.(took about 15 days) When this was done for 10 years 2003-2013, I then started trying to solve them.
So, this was my ground work. I would take a look at the questions, then go read the book, come back to questions and try to solve them, realize I have read irrelevant sections, search for reading material on net, search the question itself on net and then try to solve as many questions as I can. This step took me forever. I have not completely solved all questions till date.
Step3, evolved out of step2, though without end of step2. I started segregating questions within a topic, according to subtopic. Then I realized that there are certain types of questions and certain subtopics which are often asked. This gave speed to my prep and also confidence that “itna kar liya, to kuch to milega”.
That is it. I have lot of topicwise books on mech, but backbone of my prep, was these stacks of sheet tied together topicwise and collected subtopicwise, which would help me revise the subject with ease.When I was asked for these notes/approach by my fellow warriors, for a second, I had hesitated. But I would then give it them. I must say, till now whoever has taken these notes and appeared for mains, have scored more than me in Mech 🙂 (shameless smile) But they have returned the favor by pouring best wishes on me. I thank them, and as promised, would like to share all the notes(however incomplete they are) here. Please bear with the unsolved questions. The least you get is organized structure, the best is a correctly solved question 😀

SOM strength of materials — upload complete
Theory of machines — upload complete
Machine Design — is not a heavy topic in CSE, so I have clubbed it with TOM
Industrial Engineering — upload complete
Materials  –upload complete
Manufacturing Science  — upload complete

BThm Basic thermodynamics — upload complete
Heat mass transfer — upload complete
IC engines 1 , IC Engines 2 — upload complete
RAC refrigeration and air conditioning,    RAC part 2 — upload complete
Gas Dynamics and Fluid dynamics — upload complete
Powerplants, Steam generation, Fans blowers — upload complete

IC Engines 2

IC engines is topic that gives good returns on time and effort. Mathur Sharma is a good book that covers much of the syllabus relevant to cse. There are many who prefer Ganesan but I found former better. If one does like to dig deeper, one can go for Heywood.

IC Engines 1 was a post I made in the beginning and wanted to make it extensive in terms of coverage but I could only put up the skeleton and filling it up would be like writing a book(too much work and time required)

So, here are the questions, mostly solved, on different topics.

ESE qna 1
ESE qna 2

CSE questions topicwise
performance calculations and balance sheets
combustion, knocking, fuels, emissions
carburetion and diesel injection


RAC 1 is a messy post as it was made in the beginning, while I was figuring out how to upload so many pages. Then I made other posts where I linked questions with pages uploaded on google drive(too much work). Now, I am hastily uploading my notes in chunks, as I am getting tired of the scanning, uploading, linking etc. So, I leave it to the recipient to further organize the material.

Refrigeration is an awesome topic as it is quite neatly laid out in books. Questions are quite straightforward and methods are simple.
Sub topics are VC cycle, components like compressors and expansion valves, refrigerants, LVHE, VA cycle, gas cycle

refrigeration QnA

Psychrometry is also a scoring area. There are some basic derivations and diagrams which are directly asked. Numericals too are easy to deal with.

psychrometry qna

Airconditioning is the tricky part. There are so many technicalities, that sometimes it is even difficult to figure out where to start. Another problem is that often, some piece of data is not given in the question. Then one has to assume some value and continue but it is risky and also creates lot of doubt in one’s mind. So, better to identify if the question is familiar, otherwise no point in taking much risk.

AC qna